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Don’t know which of our scents to choose?  Try one  (or a pack of all 10 scents) of our sample sized soaps. Each soap is about 0.4oz – enough for several good shaves.  To use, scoop out the soap, and press into a dish, mug, or bowl and lather as usual. Each sample is enough soap for 5-10 shaves, depending on your brush and loading time.

Ghost Town Barber

Midnight Stag



Trade Winds

Summer Storm

Bay Rum

Cedar & Spice

Santa Paula

Pine Tar

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Paul D.
Samples: Quick Take

Bought some of your samples, but bear in mind my comments might change after I use each shaving soap more! The Cryogen menthol is wonderful and a keeper. It will wake you up (used 2x); Cedar and Spice (2x) is really nice because the scent is different;Bay Rum is also nice, although it is in line with other Bay Rum products I’ve used….doesn’t really jump out yet (1x). Ghost Town Barber is different (1x). I thought I would like it better based on reviews, but I want to use it some more. Might be an acquired “like” with more shaving. Santa Paula was disappointing after one try. Scent seemed too mild, but I’ll continue to use all these samples until empty. They all lather up great and I get good shaves, so your base product works great based on how my skin feels after shaving. Thanks, Ron!

Joe D.
Excellent Shave Soaps

I’ve been wanting to try these soaps. The sample size is perfect. Plenty of soap for several shaves.

eric manning
Like the variety

I purchased the variety pack before and it lasted me awhile as I am an infrequent shaver. The scents are just right. I purchased it again along with some other scents that I look forward to trying.

Jeffrey Alexander

Great customer service! I have previously used ghost town barber and Sherlock shaving soaps. I went with bay rum and pine tar. I liked the bay rum sample because of its scents, building on the classic scent foundation but with an added smokey citrus undertone. The pine tar was not what I was expecting scent wise but it also performed very well.
Chiseled Face has very unique scent profiles, consistently great performance, and a reasonable price point. Thanks so much!

David Fernicola (The Inspector)
Great soap!

Surprised by the excellent quality of this soap! I tried the Santa Paula scent.