Maggard Slant Safety Razor with Bassline Stainless Handle

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This new Slant Razor Head is a great way to try out a slant head design without breaking the bank.


1)  This isn’t a razor for beginners.

We rarely recommend slants as a first razor to anyone; and the Maggard Slant is no exception.   If we had to give an aggressiveness rating, our Slant would fall somewhere in the 5/10 range (compared to our Standard V3 at 3/10 and our V3A at 6/10).  It is a comfortable and efficient razor — but, you’ll have to take your time with it, and it helps to build off of a base skill set you’ve already developed.

2)  The head is made from cast Zinc Alloy.

Are there better materials?  Sure, but not at this price!

4)  The head sometimes requires manual blade alignment.

Although testers all said it wasn’t a huge problem, there is, without a doubt – a fair amount of play in the blade fitting.  Now — all slant razors typically have SOME play – but I would say that ours has more than the average slant.  This is due to the fact that the original 1930’s razor it is modeled from also had the same characteristics.  The two alignment pegs needed to be about 5  thousands larger to resolve this issue – but the costs to modify and re-tool were just too high, so, we decided to release it anyway, because we feel like the benefits of this head far outweigh this minor inconvenience. 90% of the time, you can load a blade without thinking and it will be just fine.  But, double checking before tightening down your handle isn’t a terrible idea.  Again, this is a trade off to meet our price target.  Every single head we’ve test fitted (and it’s been a lot, believe me), is able to be properly aligned with a small amount of effort.  The easiest way is to drop on the blade to the top cap, align it with the top cap edges, hold it there on the ends of the cap, and then put the base plate on and tighten down the handle.  If it still doesn’t appear straight, loosen the handle a couple turns and use your fingers to make slight adjustments.  If you don’t like this trade off, we wouldn’t recommend purchasing our slant razor.

With this release, we’re bringing Slants to the masses.

Materials:  Zinc Alloy with a matte gray plating.

Warranty:  6 months from date of purchase

Made in China

Shipped bare - no blades or case included.