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I made my first prototype 5 years ago, and have finally gotten the machines to make these razors 100% in-house! 

This is the first production run, and as such, they are not cosmetically flawless.  The head is a rugged, carbide blasted finish - a dark gunmetal look with brighter edges, the handle is a flame-treated to a glossy rainbow hue.

This razor is designed to be efficient, low on blade feel, and perfect for your everyday shave.  The stubble groove is wide and virtually clog-proof.  Efficient enough for a single pass shave, but mild enough that a 3 pass would be no issue, and buffing is just fine.  I'm not sure if it's useful to compare this razor to others or not, but the blade gap is 1.12mm

This - as of yet unnamed - razor is 100% titanium, and 100% made in the USA.  We take just over 1 lb of solid titanium and carve it down to a razor that weighs in at less than 2 ounces (15g head, 40g handle).

After that, we hand sand the highest of the machining marks, then tumble in silicon carbide for 24 hours.  Next is a hand buff, and a tumble in stainless ball bearings for a glossy, but rugged finish.

Due to the large amount of handwork done on these razors - especially the sanding, and flame coloring - each razor will be unique and may vary slightly from the image.

I stand behind my work 100%, and will accept any returns in the first 30 days for a full refund - even if you love the razor, but just decide you don't want it at this point in time after all.  All I ask is that you cover the round trip actual shipping costs.


As to pricing, it wasn't picked out of a hat.  This price covers only the cost of the material, machine use, electrical, tooling & abrasives, and labor at $15/hour.  No R&D costs are included in this price - prices will go up in the future to cover these as well as other overhead items, and shop costs.  But just know, at this point, we literally can't sell these any cheaper.


15 razors have been posted will ship in about 3 weeks, after which this page will show out of stock until updated.