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Don’t know which of our scents to choose?  Try an aftershave sampler.  They are pocket-sized (10ml) spray bottles.  Get one for your next trip, or just stash it in the car. Try one or get a pack of all nine.

Scents Available:

  • Midnight Stag
  • Cedar & Spice
  • Trade Winds
  • Sherlock
  • Ghost Town Barber
  • Summer Storm
  • Santa Paula
  • Cryogen
  • Natural

    Customer Reviews

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 64 reviews
    This is cologne, not aftershave.

    I opened the first few in my office. This was a huge mistake as it and the area outside the door smelled like a whore house. Extremely strong smells that are not very differentiable.

    Good Idea!

    This sample option is just great! Ordered Ghost Town Barber and Sherlock samples. Although I do enjoy both I have a preference towards the Ghost Town Barber, I do get asked about the scent. I got introduced to Chiseled Face aftershave by just tsking s chance and bought the Vanilla Eucalyptus Mint scent and I just loved the scent and performance. All the products so far soothe the skin and leaves it feeling soft and refreshed. Great Job!


    They're not all my favorites but it's nice to try out a lot of different scents without buying a large quantity. Arrived on time and in good condition.


    This is a good amount to sample each 👍

    Andrew Johnson
    Excellent sampling

    I first heard about Chiseled Face from Michael Malice on the Lex Fridman Podcast. He mentioned Chiseled Face and specifically the Midnight Stag aftershave. I had to try it, but I also wanted to give the other scents a try as well. So far I am really enjoying them, some more than others but I think they all have their place depending on situation. My favorites are Ghost Town Barber and Midnight Stag. I will definitely be coming back for more!