Tallow Shave Soap - Cryogen - Ultra Mentholated by Chiseled Face

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This is not your average soap. This is Cryogen.  We put a ridiculous amount of menthol in here.  So much menthol, that no other scent could be added – the soap recipe just couldn't take any more additives without breaking down. This will sting and make your eyes water.  It might even make your lips go numb. Some may say it is not even usable, but we like it. We believe this is the coldest soap on the market, but if it isn't – someone out there is crazy…

Quick quote from a customer:

You have to try Chiseled Face Cryogen soap & aftershave. I had to put my face in the week old snow to warm it back up – Taylor Alejandro

4oz of soap in a plastic tub that can contain 8 oz, so there is plenty of room to load your brush without making a mess – well a big mess any way.  This stuff lathers so much, some will escape even with the lip holding it in.


** Please note that this soap has a lot of menthol in it, making it very water sensitive.  Please allow to dry thoroughly before recapping, and never ever bloom it (cover with water before shaving).

4oz of tallow based soap in a plastic tub (4" diameter and 2" tall).

Ingredients: Stearic Acid, Aloe Vera Juice, Beef Tallow, Coconut Oil, Menthol, Castor Oil, Glycerin, Mango Butter, Avocado  Oil, Silk Powder

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Customer Reviews

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Shaving with icy hot

The amount of menthol is unreal. Great for shaving in the heat of summer, or during allergies. Anywhere the lather touches will feel like icy hot. I've experienced -20f temperature before that felt warmer. Despite that, it still provided a quality shave.

alan castle
What a great product

Last shaving of 2022 was enjoyable using the Chiseled Face shave soap you made. And I just realized it's a one sole full-time employee and owner. That make the shaving even better, knowing I'm helping someone to be successful. Happy new year 🎉

Dan Kane
Real eye-opener of a shave creme

Bought your sampler set and fell in love with the scent and tingle of cryogen. Ordered a full container ASAP. But for some reason it got misplaced. Searched high and low. Only option Buy replacement. Then spouse located where she had hidden it.(lol) Bottom line I now have a jar in each bathroom for a close eye-watering shave.


Whenever I use this soap to shave I had to sort of wipe my eye while shaving as it that strong menthol and makes me weepy and feels good on my face while shaving and it's worth using all year round!!

Ultra-mentholated is not exagerated

If you like menthol, if you want menthol... if your skin tolerates menthol... now it's the real thing !

Due to its unique formula, this soap is hard to face-leathering. Better to star lathering in a bowl and then finish on your face. The obtained cream is thick and protective. Added to that, in just more than a minute, you'll feel the expected cold, and it's not even aggressive ! It's just cold, like if you'd wash your face with cold water and ice cubes.
Ideal for hot summer days !