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Don’t know which of our scents to choose?  Try one  (or a pack of all 10 scents) of our sample sized soaps. Each soap is about 0.4oz – enough for several good shaves.  To use, scoop out the soap, and press into a dish, mug, or bowl and lather as usual. Each sample is enough soap for 5-10 shaves, depending on your brush and loading time.

Ghost Town Barber

Midnight Stag



Trade Winds

Summer Storm

Bay Rum

Cedar & Spice

Santa Paula

Pine Tar

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 93 reviews
High quality product. Happy with purchase.

Wow! All products lathered well. A little goes a long way. They have a great slickness as well. The scents are bold and unique. You’ll find something you like in the sample pack. After your shave is done the scent lingers, but only subtly so you don’t smell like a high school locker room.

Love it if they were free samples

I would love it if you guys have a free sample here and there like sterling co does. That pine tar sample smelled bad was not my cup of tea. That been said your chiseled face cryogen was fantastic. Words cannot describe how good that soap is I will buy again and again. Is a summer must.

Excellent Products

I find the Chiseled Face products to be excellent. The scents are unique and a couple even remind me of bygone days. Well done!

Scott Howard
Great soaps

Haven't used them all yet, but so far they are great soaps. The base is great, everything you look for in a base. And the scents are above average in scent and intensity.

Eric Adams
Outstanding Performance

I'm new to CF, having had my first use of Sherlock today. I bowl lathered about a teaspoon worth of soap and felt like I was part of a magic trick. I kept adding water and mixing and more lather kept appearing. I lathered for the better part of ten minutes before I gave in. I honestly think I could have kept going. This is the first very soft soap (aka croap) I have used. I wasn't expecting it so it was a little strange. Chiseled Face is definitely a winner!