Chiseled Face Titanium Legacy Razor - Raw Finish, Herringbone Handle

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Raw, machine finish.  Will have distinct machining and sander marks.  

I made my first prototype 5 years ago, and have finally gotten the machines to make these razors 100% in-house!  Some have requested a cheaper razor than our original, $350 razor. This is the same fantastic razor without all the hand finishing and fancy packaging.  Still has the same great performance and built-for-generations solid-titanium quality, but without the bling that makes the other razor cost what it does.  Packaged in a mint tin and a 3d printed insert - insert and tin design may vary from photo.

This razor is designed to be mild, yet efficient, low on blade feel, and perfect for your everyday shave.  The stubble groove is wide and virtually clog-proof.  Efficient enough for a single pass shave, but mild enough that a 3 pass would be no issue, and buffing is just fine.  I'm not sure if it's useful to compare this razor to others or not, but the blade gap is 1.12mm  It's recommended to ride the cap, rather than the safety bar for best results.

This razor is 100% titanium, and 100% made in the USA.  We take just over 1 lb of solid titanium and carve it down to a razor that weighs in at less than 2 ounces (15g head, 40g handle).

I stand behind my work 100% and any defects will be repaired or replaced free of cost.  

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Customer Reviews

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Chris J.
Titanium Triumph: A Masterpiece in Shaving Craftsmanship by Chiseled Face

Chiseled Face has truly outdone itself with their titanium safety razor. From the moment I held it in my hand, the weight and balance spoke of its superior craftsmanship. Not only is it a thing of beauty, but its performance is equally impressive. The razor glides effortlessly across the skin, providing a close and comfortable shave every time. The quality of titanium used ensures longevity and resistance against corrosion, making it a wise investment for any shaving enthusiast. Kudos to Chiseled Face for creating such an exceptional product!

Joao Krithinas

Since receiving this razor I’ve must used it about six times. Usually I’m more a “ride the bar/high efficiency” guy but I thought to give it a go for a change of pace and so glad I did: I really clicked with this one, super intuitive, fun, comfortable… I would certainly buy it again! The price, for what you get, it’s very competitive. On top of all of this, at my eyes, it’s a beautiful piece!

Sean C.
Beyond Words

Here is the setting. I am on vacation when I realize that my supposed-to-be-nice vacation razor is not cutting it anymore (or in my case cutting it too much). I saw the Legacy razor while ordering soaps a few weeks ago and thought, “I’d like to have that someday,” but because I needed a new vacation razor, I thought to replace said razor with my 12 year old tried-and-true Merkur and buy this razor for my daily shaver. I ordered it while still out of town and it arrived back home the same day I did. Having done a hasty “shave” with an electric razor before my plane ride home, my face was shot and my shave only good enough to keep my family from embarrassment while traveling. When I got home from the airport, I unwrapped the Legacy and simply could not wait to use it. Normally, two shaves in one day (especially when the first shave is with an electric razor) will make my face look like I have the worst case of acne you’ve ever seen. It just is too sensitive and gets torn up unless I give it a 24 hour rest. But, excitement got the best of me. I lathered up with some Guy Noire (which is a great Chiseled Face scent by the way) and picked up the razor armed with a brand new Astra blade. After the first stroke, my mind was blown. I have been shaving all these years and getting what I thought was the best shave possible for me. Between using that vacation razor (the worst), my Merkur (the gold standard) and having has several proper wet shaves at the barber (supposedly the best), I thought irritation was just something I’d have to live with as it happened no matter what I used or who was using it. Two passes with the Legacy and some semi-vigorous blade buffing later, there was only very minor burning (again, because I shaved twice in one day and also have had no experience with this razor) and the smoothest shave I’ve ever had. The blade was very aggressive yet extremely mild. I don’t know how they designed a razor that could look like it would cut you up but feel like you were shaving with a stick of butter but they did.

Two things stand out. First, this razor is feather light. I always thought a heavy handle would allow for a closer shave but I was very wrong. This thing glides so smoothly, I almost couldn’t feel it on my face. Second, the Astra blades that I have been using for ten plus years felt nothing like the Astra blades that I have been using for ten plus years. I actually felt the blade glide instead of dig in. Normally, the noise of the blade cutting is something that I also feel. Not with this razor. It is almost like driving a Tesla where you are used to hearing engine noise but hear silence instead only with tactile instead of auditory feedback. While I have yet to shave after a few days growth, I can see how so many reviews called this razor aggressive yet mild. The only learning curve for me (as I was taught to shave “riding the cap”) was the under the nose area. This is slightly more tricky but I am sure it is a matter of time before it becomes muscle memory.

I can honestly say that had this razor cost double what I paid for it, I would have purchased it easily if I had known it was going to be anything like it turned out to be. The price may hold you back (and don’t go into debt for a razor) but don’t let it. This thing is worth every penny and then some.

As a side note, not that I shave my legs but I bet this would give a woman the most silky smooth shave she’s ever had in her life.

Stellar Razor

This thing is amazing. Very comfortable and smooth shaver, perfect for daily shaves. Don't let the gap or exposure scare you off, this is not a super aggressive razor. It is a raw finish but the razor is gorgeous and the herringbone handle looks great and feels great in hand - I was nervous it would be slippery with those deep grooves and it is not at all. Buy with confidence, I can't imagine a scenario where someone doesn't enjoy this razor!

Brian G.
Smooth Mild yet efficient

Amazing razor. Quite light, yet heavy enough so that I dont feelmthe need to apply pressure, and the razor does the all the work. Feels nimble in my hand. Very mild and works for daily shaves for me but is extraordinarily efficient. Great audio feedback, I hear it when I have the best angle. Already my favorite razor in the den.