Chiseled Face Titanium Legacy Razor - Custom Order

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We are moving away from batches, and will be switching to custom orders (this page) and in-stock orders.  Custom orders will be shipped in 2-3 weeks.  If you contact me at or on our facebook or instagram page, I can give you an eta when you order.

I made my first prototype 5 years ago, and have finally gotten the machines to make these razors 100% in-house! 

These razors are made to order, and the manufacture time is approximately 3 weeks. 

This razor is designed to be efficient, low on blade feel, and perfect for your everyday shave.  The stubble groove is wide and virtually clog-proof.  Efficient enough for a single-pass shave, but mild enough that a 3-pass would be no issue, and buffing is just fine.  I'm not sure if it's useful to compare this razor to others or not, but the blade gap is 1.12mm.  We recommend "riding the cap", or resting the cap against your face and angling the handle until you get a good cut.  We think that this is preferable over the other common method of resting the safety bar against the skin, and angling the handle away from the face until a good cutting angle is achieved, as it puts less pressure on the lather used, theoretically leaving more in place for the blade to glide on.

This razor is 100% titanium, and 100% made in the USA.  We take just over 1 lb of solid titanium and carve it down to a razor that weighs in at less than 2 ounces (15g head, 40g handle).

The case is carved from a solid aluminum billet, and lined with oiled cowhide at the rub points.  A solid razor that will last for generations with an absolutely unparalleled presentation.

This is not just a razor pulled from a machine en-mass.  This is a small production product made in a garage with love and care.  Each custom razor comes with a card with its # in our production sequence. 

I stand behind my work 100% and any defects will be repaired or replaced free of cost.  We offer premade options and custom orders.  Premade razors have a 100% 30-day no-questions-asked refund policy (minus round-trip shipping and provided the razor is returned in new condition).

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Marcin Smosna

Beautiful razor. Mild but efficient daily driver.

Earl D.

Quality at its finest. Heat treated looks awesome.

Jakob M.
Excellent daily driver

The new Legacy razor from CF is a great daily driver. Very smooth with low blade feel and good efficiency. Great razor for sure!

Josh G.
Great razor

I have tried the razor in a few different ways. In that I mean in anticipation of the arrival, I had not shaved for about a week before using it for the first time. I have shaved both with and without lathering up first. The razor gives a perfect shave every time. It does not clog. If you like blade feel, there is very little with this razor, but even someone like me who typically needs larger blade gaps, this razor does an amazing job giving that perfect shave.

Ultimate Razor

I have been shaving a very long time and always thought aggressive razors were the best. I have totally changed my mind with this razor. Lightweight and easy to use it shaves fantastic. I started with an Astra SP and changed to a Feather. A get a BBS that lasts into the night. I sm totally impressed.