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Introducing our latest creation: The Chiseled Face Groomatorium Aluminum Legacy Safety Razor. Priced at a very accessible $89.99, it perfectly embodies simplicity, affordability, and high-performance shaving.

Each razor carries a smooth, bead-blasted satin finish, the result of meticulous craftsmanship. This technique not only provides a refined, elegant look but also streamlines our production process, helping us keep costs low without compromising on quality.

Having crafted my first prototype over six years ago, I'm proud to announce that every step in the production of these razors is carried out 100% in-house. This new addition to our lineup provides a more affordable option, retaining the high quality and performance standards set by our original, $350 titanium model, but without the premium hand finishing and luxurious packaging.

Our Aluminum Legacy Safety Razor, while considerably lighter, is still efficient, boasting minimal, yet present blade feel, making it perfect for your everyday shave. It is designed with a wide, virtually clog-proof stubble groove, which accommodates a comfortable single pass shave, and works equally well for a three-pass routine. To achieve the best results, it's recommended to ride the cap, rather than the safety bar.

Made from aerospace grade 6061 aluminum, this razor is not only lighter but also more affordable. It sports the same blade gap of 1.12mm and continues our legacy of durability and comfort. Just like all our products, it is 100% made in the USA.

We have chosen to ship this product in a simple vacuformed shipping box insert to maintain our commitment to affordability.

As always, I stand by my products without exception. Any defects will be promptly addressed, repaired, or replaced free of charge. The Aluminum Legacy Safety Razor delivers our trusted performance, now in a new, lighter, and more affordable format.

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Customer Reviews

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Joretta Bryant
have two aluminum

just received aluminum pineapple razor in a small beautiful box
with two samples of shaving cream
this is a very mild razor that gives a great , irritation free shave at a good price- its a shame that more folks dont know about the quality of this man's razors
i have six if them :brass, titanium and alum and they all give excellent shaves

Larry W
Great Shave - Wish the Handle Was Slightly Longer

I have a few weeks of shaving now with this razor and love it. As other reviews have said, it doesn't clog and allows you to get a very close shave. I personally have not experienced any irritation and have gone over the same spot several times on my neck area (because I love that glass like feel of zero stubble). My only wish is that the handle was about an inch longer. The razor feels a little small in my hands. If the handle were longer, I'd drop the money on the titanium version of this razor today.

Joel Turano
Chiseled Face Legacy Aluminum Razor

In a word Excellent!!!
I have shaved with this razor everyday since I received it. I have shaved with different razor blades and shave soaps to really test it.
Above my expectations.
I will probably buy the stainless steel version of this razor. 🪒

Chris D
Amazing razor

Took a little getting used to due to the larger than I'm used to blade gap, but gives a nice comfortable shave.

Robert S
Fantastic razor

I really like this razor. It is very comfortable (almost neutral blade feel) but still quite efficient. Since it is aluminum and is light (obviously), I have to press slightly harder than would a stainless steel razor (where the weight does most of the work). I can tell if a razor does a good job by cutting problem areas of my face. This razor does just that. So, for me, the razor provides a very comfortable shave but is also quite efficient. I highly recommend considering the price. One last thing. For me, it is aesthetically pleasing (the design).