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A masculine fragrance for men. 1.7 oz bottle with a 20% fragrance oil concentration.

Walking through the countryside, you are caught by a sudden rainstorm. Taking shelter under an outcropping of rock, you drink in the scent of nature as it is being washed by rain. This is not a sterile scent, there is some grit and dirt in it, and yet it is clean and fresh. Perfect for those days when you have to spend your days behind a desk, but would rather be out enjoying nature.

Moist earth, oakmoss, cut grass, pine needles, orange, lemon, ozone, white jasmine, lily of the valley, geranium and musk.

50ml bottle.

Ingredients: Alcohol, fragrance

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Summer Storm

This wasn’t the type of “petrichor” scent I’d thought it’d be but it’s still very nice. Good clean fresh easygoing scent. Kinda effervescent almost, get a little of an earth smell.

Wouldn’t necessarily say it’s a safe bond buy. I think they sell samples though, also I grabbed the aftershave sample and soap bar.

Great quality though, lasts ~3-4hrs and then becomes a skin scent. The ink used on the labels gets all over your hands if you get it wet, so keep it dry. Happy with my purchase.


Great fragrance!

Jay C
Summer storm

Definitely reminds me of a storm brewing when I was stationed at fort Campbell Kentucky. Even times when we would have to wake up for PT and there was morning dew and we would be in the grass. It's a calming scent. Really a big fan of it. Hope it is never changed. Highly recommend.

the only cologne i use anymore

I have several different colognes which are regular mall brands. I havent touched them since my brother gave me this summer storm cologne several months ago. By far my favourite scent ive ever smelled.


Smells great.