Cedar and Spice - EdP Cologne - 50 ml

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A cologne - well technically an Eau de Parfum as it's scented to 20% concentration - to match our 100% natural Cedar and Spice line of products.

Warm, woody, and reassuring with a lime and spice kick to keep things from getting boring; we are really happy how this one turned out!

The entire list of essential oils is as follows: Cedar, Guaiacwood, Haitian Vetiver, Patchouli, Black Pepper, Juniper Berries, Lime, Clove, and Ginger.

1.7oz / 50ml bottle.

Ingredients: Alcohol, fragrance

Customer Reviews

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Ronald Barrett
Cedar and spice review

This is the exact fragrance I have been looking for. My lady loves it and I've had several compliments. I will be ordering more.

Scott Kern
Best Cologne for Woodworkers!

I was on the hunt for a more primary Cedar scent. This is perfect. Plus getting it straight from the manufacturer, you know it's legit. They are accurate in there description, the scent really lasts a long time.


This is the exact scent I was looking for. It is very cedar forward, but that’s what I was hoping for. Smells just like fresh cut cedar, with a hint of the spices. I definitely recommend of your looking for a fresh cut scent.


Hmmm this reminds me a lot of Gucci Rush and Gucci Envy combined without anything sweet at all. It is strong and if you are looking for woods without the sweet, (because for some reason everyone seems to think that wood and vanilla or wood and amber are the only thing people like), this is definitely something that may interest some people. I've also tried the sample of the shave soap and they smell the same so if you want a lighter version maybe go with the soap and aftershave. Masculine for sure.

Chris Dobbins
Not as balanced as the aftershave

Too much cedar not enough spice