Bespoke - Beard Balm Stick

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Our beard balm - in a convenient, easy to apply twist-up tube.  For beards that need a touch of hold, something beard oils can't supply.  Made with care, avoiding pore-clogging ingredients such as coconut oil, to minimize chances of under-beard pimples.  Keeps your beard looking sleek, feeling soft, and smelling great!

I use it not only on my beard, but also on my hair instead of pomade (light flexible hold). Perfect for use at home, but also complies with TSA guidelines for cosmetics in your carry-on.

This is a very earthy scent comprised 100% of natural essential oils and extracts, with a vetiver base augmented by amber, frankincense, sweet myrrh, pepper, clove, and cedar. It includes components that have been used in incense and fragrance for millennia, should complement any grooming ritual nicely. 

2.5 oz by volume - if shipped in summer, it may be soft - let cool to room temp before using.


Ingredients: Beeswax, Squalene, Cocoa Butter, Argan Oil, Petroleum Jelly, Lanolin, Fragrance