Beard Oil - Midnight Stag, 1oz

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We have worked on our beard oil over a span of 2 years, well over 100 hours of research, and made many many trial batches.  Finally, we developed a product I can back with 100% confidence as the best beard oil we’ve encountered. This is a proprietary blend of argan oil, jojoba oil, emu oil, rosehip oil, broccoli seed oil, castor oil, lanolin, avocado oil, raspberry seed oil, and vitamin E.

Chiseled Face Beard oil is perfect for any beard ‚Äď will help make you look and feel better.¬† Say goodbye to your itchy, rough, dry, or flaky beard, this is the oil you that you‚Äôre looking for!¬† Also works well as a pre-shave oil or an after shave balm on dry winter¬†days.

Hold: Light
Finish: Natural / Light Shine
Scent: Hunting Cabin with Harley
Size: 1 oz / 30 ML

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Tyler Payne
Good stuff

This oil works well, just a couple drops is all you need. Pairs great with the soap and aftershave that I use on my chrome dome. Scent is long lasting and masculine in the extreme.

Jay C
For the bro in law

Gifted my brother in law. Picked the scent based off the EDP I already own. He doesn't like any fruity or basic aquatic scents so I figured how bout try this. He received it and asked how I knew he was running low on his beard oil and said he loves how leathery it smells. He gives it 5 stars.

Duane G.
Awesome product

I love the smell!! It has also softened up my beard. My wife loves it!!

Brian S.
I love the scent.

I just love Midnight Stag but not a fan of beard oil. Itbis what it is. There's nothing wrong with the product. I guess I just don't like the product line. I tried beard oil once before and didn't really like that either. I was hoping it was just that product from another company. I would definately recommend trying it though because there's no doubt this is a high quality product. The scent is in line with the Midnight Stag line of products, which is my favorite scent. I have the Shaving Soap, After Shave and Bath Soap.

Respect the beard!

This beard oil is definitely made for a wild man. It is all that defines a man captured in a bottle.

I put this on my beard the first time and was immediately impressed with the scent of old leather, creosote, and gun oil. It smells untamed, rough around the edges, full of mystery and wilderness. This is no scent for a sissy, this is what you put on when you are ready to lace up an old pair of logger boots and hit the woods to bring in the winter supply of heat or food. This is the very scent of life off the beaten path, gritty, wild, and free. It is heady and unafraid.

So if you live in or long for the outdoors, campfires and old boots, a well honed rifle and a chainsaw, a back woods creek full of trout and a dirt logging road full of adventure, this is the scent for you. You simply cannot beat the manly, wild scent of Midnight Stag.

This oil changed my thoughts about keeping a beard year round. I've always shaved my beard off by the end of cold weather, but this year, for the first time ever I am keeping it past the normal shaving off time just so I can use this oil. It keeps my beard pliable and tangle free and the smell is intoxicating. That has resulted in my 6 month old daughter deciding she loves to wrap her tiny fingers in a handful of beard when she's falling asleep and she even prefers to sleep close to my pillow where she can smell its lingering scent of Midnight Stag. Even my wife loves the scent that lingers in my beard all day. So get you some today!