Ghost Town Barber Liquid Soap

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We got many requests and did a lot of research.¬† Finally, Chiseled Face liquid soap is here.¬† Perfect for bath, body, beard, and hair: this is a natural soap product - not unlike Dr Bronner's style of soap.¬† If you are familiar with natural liquid soaps you know what to expect (except ours is better of course¬†ūüėÉ), if not, be aware that this is not a body wash.

Body wash is a detergent, not a soap.  As such while our product will leave you feeling clean and smelling fantastic, it will not create the mountains of lather that a detergent will, or the slick slimy feel while applying that is provided by wetting agents in commercial body washes.  This is just a pure soap that we handmake with natural ingredients, then scent with the scents that you know and love.

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Customer Reviews

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Thomas Burdick
A refreshing scent to start the day

I use this as a second lather when showering in the morning. It leaves a light and pleasing scent on my body that is noticeable for hours after. I also use the Ghost Town Barber aftershave.

Buy 2 bottles at a time

This stuff is great!!!! One of the very few products that cuts and cleans heavy greases or lubricants found on heavy equipment. Smells great! Can't wait for some of the other scents to make it to soap!

This stuff really is the best body wash out there.


Great product

Fantastic Scent!!

This soap is amazing stuff! It smells just like the shaving soap and ensures I smell great after using it! Well done, Chiseled Face!!

Mike D
My favorite soap

I stumbled on the scent on a shaving sub reddit and originally just got this scent as a shaving soap. I fell in love with the scent and once i found out they made soap I couldn’t resist. Great alternative to all the standard body washes.